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optimizing patient care the power of physiotherapy software

Optimizing Patient care: The Power of Physiotherapy Software

In ancient times, humans had so many diseases. Because of limited medicinal technology, even common flu can prove to be dangerous. But thanks to science and tech, now we can be cured easily and recovery will be fast. Yet, there are a few complications that will need slow solutions. Like, rehabilitation of bones after the surgery. In such cases, the patient has to go through exercise daily to restore the range of motion, and movement to the way it was earlier. Physiotherapy is the field...

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Tips to Manage Technical Debt in Software Developments

Table of Content 1. Debt communication 2. Must have a plan from the beginning 3. Must reorganize software development strategy 4. Communication and honesty 5. Treat it like any other product requirement 6. Conclusion Technical debt is defined as the intentional delay of bug fixes to focus on new feature development in the project. This is done just to hit the launch dates of incremental software while ignoring project’s iterative...

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